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I found out I had scoliosis during a school check in the spring of 2006. My parents did not know how they were going to be able
to get help for me because orthopedic doctors do not do treatment until the degree of the bend becomes more than 42
degrees.   After searching for help, we found Green Chiropractic, a doctor who's approach made the most sense. On my first
visit they took x-rays and determined the exact degree of the curvature, which was over 30 degrees! After the first treatment
plan my curve improved from 33 to 21 degrees and my back pain has decreased.Words of encouragement: "You can improve
your scoliosis, this is a treatment option to strengthen and straighten the curve rather than just stop it from increasing with a
brace. It is worth the time and effort for a better future." Natalie J., Student
 Herniated Disc/Low Back Pain
I came into Green Chiropractic with a herniated L4/L5 disc in March '06. I had severe low back pain and was very
uncomfortable. After a FULL YEAR of being treated by another doctor I decided to make a life changing decision and give Dr.
Green a try. I found out about Green Chiropractic from a friend of mine. Dr. Green performed a very thorough exam. I found out
that in addition to a herniated disc, I have a weak core structure and poor posture that were preventing me from reaching my
full potential. After just a few visits, I knew that I was on my way to living more comfortably with minimal to no pain and I am back
in the gym training hard and running again. I am back to living a normal life doing yard wok, walking the dog, etc. I am no longer
limited and I can do whatever I want.Words of encouragement:: Quit procrastinating........I thought I would have to live with this
the rest of my life. But now I don't have to thanks to Dr. Green. I can't thank you enough!" Eric H., Sales Professional
 Whiplash/Auto Accident
  Tingling Fingers/Hand
I came into Green Chiropractic from a referral by another doctor. I was suffering from neck and shoulder pain. My right arm
thumb and index finger were going numb throughout the day. This was going on for about 7 or 8 years. My first visit at Green
Chiropractic was very comfortable. First, I had a free consultation. I then chose to have an exam. Dr. Green thoroughly
explained what was wrong with me and gave me choices for care. I was treated and given exercises. With only 2 treatments I felt
much better and the numbness was almost gone. I now have a relaxed feeling in my neck and shoulders.Words of
encouragement: "I was very reluctant to give this a try. I'm so glad I did. Also, I felt NO PRESSURE from Green Chiropractic as
they explained what I could expect from chiropractic care." Brenda M., Registered Nurse
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