Green Chiropractic

Green Chiropractic 

West Omaha

  • Pain management for chronic low back pain/ sciatica/ disc pain
  • *Posture restoration
  • Structural remodeling for scoliosis
  • Rehabilitation for chronic low back pain
  • *Quick relief for leg pain.

Omaha Low Back Pain Clinic

If you have back pain, chiropractic may be a very good treatment option. Green Chiropractic is used by many people with low back pain. In fact, studies by the Journal of American Medical Association show over 60% of patients with low back pain seek the services of a chiropractor to help relieve their pain. 

Why Consult a Chiropractor?

Green Chiropractic in West Omaha offers gentle, effective, and time-saving approaches to treat your low back pain.  Green Chiropractic is a drugless, non-surgical system of health care. One important principle of chiropractic involves returning motion to the spine. Recent research shows that when the someone has restricted spinal motion—when the spine doesn't move as well as it should—it can cause severe back pain. ´╗┐

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